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About us



Brenda started making clothes from her time at school where she took her needlework exams in GCE. She made clothes for herself, and our daughter Helen. Brenda didn't want to go to work, and leave her children as latch key kids, so she developed her skills as an alteration tailor. Before supporting Pete in his venture , she was an Alteration Tailor to most of the men's shops in the town. Brenda is classed as one of the most skillful in her trade in the area, with clients travelling long distances for her services.


After school, I joined a company selling Suits, Overcoats, Jackets, and Trousers. After 5 years, I joined a major store, where I gained millinery, hosiery, outfitting, experience.
A few years later, I entered the employment of a credit draper. After gaining experience in the ladies trade, I then experienced the work wear and school uniform trade.
I am now passing on my life experiences to my staff.
Teresa, our manager, has been with us for many years. and is fluent in the day to day running of the company.
Nay is the latest person to join our company in 2015, and is aspiring to learn the skills that our company has.
So! If you are tired of trudging around the shops , and being ignored we will trudge around for you obtain what you require from one of our suppliers and keep our customers coming back for more.
Pete Dore